Who We Are

The Lotus Blossom is a symbol of endurance and hope.  Beauty that grows out of need because it grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty.

That is what we do at the Nampa Family Justice Center-helping women, children, men and the elderly escape a muddy situation and rise above it to bloom with the full potential they possess inside.

The mission of the Family Justice Center Foundation is to support the mission of the Nampa Family Justice Center which is to promote safety, self-sufficiency, hope and healing to all those affected by abuse.

Foundation Board Members

Angela Weekes, President
Julia Rhoads, VP
Horvin Garcia Jr., Secretary
Laura Jewitt, Treasurer
Jeannie Strohmeyer, Executive Director NFJC
Leon Baker
Merrick Macomber
Ryan Martin
Jen Rish

Facts About the Family Justice Center Foundation

  • We serve the City of Nampa, Canyon County, & surrounding areas.
  • The FJC Foundation became a 501c3 in March 2009.
  • Our Foundation Board is comprised of all volunteers.