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Camp HOPE is the leading year-round camping and mentoring program in the country for children and teens impacted by child abuse and domestic violence. Nationwide, Camp HOPE is focused on creating hope and healing-centered pathways through collaborative, trauma-informed care for youth exposed to trauma. Our goal is to help children believe in themselves, in others, and in their dreams.

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Camp HOPE America is the first evidence-based camping and mentoring program in the United States to focus on children and teens exposed to domestic violence. We hope to give youth a brighter future by creating pathways to hope and healing. What makes Camp HOPE America special is the trauma-informed lens the program was developed from.

At Camp HOPE Idaho, we praise campers for the person that they are becoming; seeing their character for who they are and not what they have accomplished. From the beginning, the goal has been to create a year-round program where youth can feel safe, seen, heard, encouraged, and cared for. Camp HOPE Idaho is composed of a week of camp, supported by year-round activities.

Throughout the course of a week at camp, campers participate in a variety of activities ranging from field games to rock climbing, white-water rafting to high and low ropes courses, art projects and even silly campfire songs. Campers are challenged to step outside of their comfort zone and accomplish an activity they haven’t had the opportunity to accomplish before, in order to overcome their fears.

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Each day, campers read about real people, not too much older than they are, who have overcome diversity, abuse, and other real-life challenges to show them that they are not alone, and that their past does not define their future.

The year-round piece of the Camp HOPE Idaho program is intended to create a safe and nurturing community for not only the youth involved, but their families as well. The events held throughout the year are varied, ranging from team building activities to college tours. We want to continue to expose children and teens to potential careers they never would have known about, STEAM projects, hobbies and interests, etc., while also giving them positive role models and friends.

Camp HOPE Idaho is a program like no other—showing youth that there is a future ahead of hope healing beyond the trauma that they have endured in the past.

Camp HOPE Idaho’s Vision
All are seen
Voices are heard
Choices will matter
Collaboration is a must
New paths are explored
Wrong things are made right
A generational cycle is broken
HOPE is given

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The Vision for Camp HOPE Idaho is to break the generational cycle of family violence by offering healing and hope to youth who have experienced abuse. Camp HOPE Idaho encourages youth to believe in themselves, in others and in their dreams.

“Camp HOPE has been amazing. I know that I am not alone”

We want to give youth their childhood back and let them know they are not alone. We want to give these kids the experience of a lifetime, show them how valuable they are, and give them hope for the future!

In 2013 the Nampa Family Justice Center began its Camp HOPE program by taking a group of kids to Northern California in a shared Camp HOPE experience with several other Family Justice Centers. In 2014, we developed our own Camp HOPE program here in Nampa.  Since 2013 Nampa has been a part of a national movement continuously growing and spreading hope to youth within our communities.

Camp Hope Wild West Group

Camp HOPE Idaho does not end with camp. Our focus on mentoring is emphasized through the year-round programming implemented by Camp HOPE Coordinators. We have learned that when youth have mentors, they are able to develop positive relationships in other aspects of their lives, as well as social attitudes that positively affect others around them.

We believe that the innovative approach of combining the power of Camp HOPE Idaho’s summer program with year-round mentoring and educational activities can create pathways to hope for children who need it most. The anticipated outcomes include increased HOPE Scores, improvements in self-regulation, esteem and efficacy, consistent child and parental engagement, improved school performance, increased interest in college and vocational programs, increased knowledge of a variety of career options, and improved emotional health and well-being.

Pathways Year-Round Programming

The Pathways to HOPE Project (Pathways) began when the nationally recognized work of Camp HOPE America created a year-round program for 100 children and teens (ages 10-17) from Imperial and San Diego Counties. From there, it has grown and spread to become a key aspect of Camp HOPE Idaho. Our central goal is that through Pathways, we can change the future of children that would otherwise very likely be subjected to lives of perpetrated violence, incarceration, substance abuse, and other dysfunctions.

Year-round programming involving mentors for youth matters because youth are:
55% more likely to enroll in college
130% more likely to hold leadership positions
78% more likely to volunteer regularly
90% become interested in being a mentor for others

Pathways and Lifeskills Retreat 

In 2021, Nampa was one of the first Family Justice Centers throughout the nation to begin a Summit Program. Summit serves as a second phase to Camp Hope as it continues to inspire Hope into older campers as well as providing opportunities for teamwork and leadership.

“Camp HOPE has changed my life. It made me believe in myself more. It’s made me a happier person, and it’s made me more confident.”

In 2019 the Nampa Family Justice Center kicked off its Pathways Program. The Pathways Program engages campers all year long and creates monthly opportunities to sustain increased levels of hope as well as create an opportunity for campers to stay connected with counselors and mentors.

In 2022, the Nampa Family Justice Center held it’s first Lifeskills Retreat for high school seniors in our program. The Retreat consisted of a weekend retreat held in an Airbnb in our local community. The focus was on Lifeskills: banking, resume’s, job interviewing, cooking, conflict resolution and vehicle maintenance. After this weekend of one-on-one interaction and mentoring, one of the children commented, “I know what a healthy family feels like now.”

Who can refer campers?

Campers referred to Camp HOPE by Nampa Family Justice Center Partners, including advocates, counselors, law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim witness coordinators. Children are screened for their appropriateness for camp, to ensure the safety of all campers.

“Camp HOPE Taught me not to be afraid, to have hope in myself and to have hope in others.”

How is this incredible program funded?

The Family Justice Center Foundation utilizes grant funds and personal donations to allow campers and adult staff to attend our annual summer camps. Alongside this Camp HOPE Idaho’s Pathways Program helps create monthly opportunities for campers and staff to continue to promote hope and happiness.

Why Camp Hope?

Research indicates a significant improvement in Hope, associated with the Camp HOPE experience. According to 2018 National Camp HOPE America research results, “Increases in hope were associated with the character strengths of Zest, Grit, Self-Control, Optimism, Gratitude, Social Intelligence, and Curiosity.” Having high hope matters. Having hope improves pro-social behaviors, increases abilities to self-regulate, predicts goal attainment, and reduces the intensity of physical suffering.

“Camp HOPE has changed my entire perspective.”

How you can contribute to Camp HOPE Idaho 

Hope is the belief that your future can be brighter and better than your past and that you actually have a role to play in making it better. 

Here at the Nampa Family Justice Center, our goal is to invest in our youth who have experienced abuse or trauma throughout their childhood to give them hope, leadership, and a bigger and brighter future. It costs $1000 for one child to attend Camp HOPE and Pathway activities per year. Please considering sponsoring Camp HOPE Idaho – click here to donate!

Our goal is to invest one thousand dollars annually into individuals who have experienced abuse or trauma throughout their childhood to give them hope, leadership, and life experience and help provide a prosperous future for them.

“I know what a healthy family feels like now.”

Contact the Nampa Family Justice Center Foundation if you would like more information about camper nominations or how you can help support this incredible program.

Aleshea Boals
Camp HOPE Coordinator